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With cloud-based technology becoming a feature of everyday life, businesses are wise to implement good, modern software and apps where possible.

The right app can simplify your life and work; improving efficiency and profitability (time is money)!

So, to help you choose the right solutions for YOUR business, we’ll be recommending a tried and tested app each month.

This month, our featured app is:


What is it?

A to-do list app (available on iOS and Android)

How much does it cost?

£0 – It’s free!


  • Users can create any number of to-do lists for projects, tasks, shopping lists, read-lists etc.
  • Items can also have sub-tasks (to add specifics/finer details).
  • A due date/deadline can be set for tasks. Reminders can pop up as push notifications or they can be sent by email.
  • Lists can be shared with other users to create shared projects or to delegate tasks.
  • It works across all devices (there’s also a desktop version as well as the app) and syncs seamlessly and instantly between them.

Why we recommend it

  • It’s very easy to use; intuitive and simple.
  • It’s free… but there are no annoying adverts.
  • It makes a very satisfying ‘ding’ when you tick off a completed item.
  • The due-dates help with prioritisation and ensure you/your team members keep on top of tasks.
  • The instant syncing across all devices make it accessible and ready to use wherever you are.
  • The shared lists are incredibly useful for team project work.

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